First 3 Things To Do When Starting A Small Business

Look first 3 things for a startup
Conceptualize Your New Business

Starting a new business can be difficult on an easy day.  You have a million ideas running through your head, you know you can bring a benefit to the world, but it’s hard to think about where to start.  This is where we suggest you kick things off for your Start Up Business.

Tell Your Story

This is the first thing you should do. Not only will it help you conceptualize the ideas for your small business, but it will be useful on so many different platforms. Every social media platform will want you to have a business description in one way or another.  Your website will need to tell the story of your business, full or abbreviated. It will also be a good mental exercise and give you a base when rolling out your business’ marketing plan.

So start writing your ideas down and start piecing them together in a concise and understandable fashion.

This is an example of ours at Look Digital Marketing:

“LOOK Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in strategic online marketing for entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses.

Our passionate team builds high quality websites and integrated online marketing strategies that deliver results.

Our goal is to help your business grow through the best and most efficient method; digital marketing.”

Tell Your Story

Pick a business name

If you are starting with a fresh new business you will need a new business name. I would suggest taking your time to think about this one and not to jump on the first business name that comes into your head.

There will be some searching of the internet to see if anyone has the business name that popped in your head and you will have to check your official sources to make sure the name(s) you like aren’t taken. Often times, people in many situations will say “pick something and move on”, but like I mentioned, take your time with this. It is not an easy process to change it later.

Pick a few different business name options and put them out there for people to vote on.  You can do this with people that you are close with you or you can put it out to more of general audience to get their feedback.

This name needs to embody what your business is all about and grab the attention of people looking for your services or products.  It should also be something, I was going to say on trend, but I think I would rather go with “timeless” and memorable.

Pick a business Name

Create a Logo

The logo needs to do the same things as the business name, except visually. It needs to stand out and appeal to your target market.  Standing out can mean something different in the financial industry than in the arts, so keep that in mind.

The colours will be very important as well.  Will you be happy looking at the logo colours for the rest of the business’ existence?  Will your audience.  These colours will prevalent in everything you do from here on out.

I would 100% recommend enlisting help for creating your logo unless you are a Graphic Design Artist yourself.  People do this as a profession for a reason. It makes a big difference when you use someone that knows what they are doing.

I have seen costs for creating a small business logo ranging from $200-$2000. You can definitely get great work done on either end of the spectrum.

You need to make sure, once again, that you LOVE the logo. Don’t be happy with the first draft. Be nit-picky. This is something YOU have to look at daily, hopefully forever.

The logo will be on ALL social media outlets, on your website, possibly on signs, on T-shirts, and on hats. MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT!

New Business Logo

Bonus: Start!

Now get to it!  Just START!