Foundational Content for Your Website

Even a skyscraper needs a solid base. This is where to start with your new website.

Having a good foundation for your business means everything.  Your business is represented online in a very large part by your website.  That is why we put together this list of Foundational Content for Your Website.

Tell Your Story (again)

You may have read our article about the First 3 Things To Do When Starting Your Business.  If you haven’t, you can catch up on it here.

In the article it mentions that you should “Tell Your Story”.   This will come in handy now.  It is important that you carefully conceptualize what your business is ALL about in as little words as possible.  Clean and concise and allow images and video help along the way.

When customers visit your website they should understand who you are, what you do and how you like to do it without confusing or boring them with too much information.  All of that other information is for later.

Start the journey for your visitors by helping them to understand that you are an expert and they can trust you.

Creative Website Story

Services & Products

Seems pretty simple right?  You are selling something.  A product or service, but can you display it in a way that will capture the attention of your potential customers?

Catch the eye of your visitor with sharp imagery and cunning words.  Flirt with them and persuade them to want to see/hear more.

If you would like to see a great example of nicely displayed products check out Nike.  The clean images, the movement to see all angles of the products, and the videos of people wearing their gear all helps to tell their story.  All of that even before people read the description and reviews.

AND YES, all of that IS possible on your own small business website.

Website Products


A website should be interactive and a part of that comes down to how your contact page is laid out. You want to have a few different ways that people can reach you.

Maybe it is a form, an email and phone number they can click on/copy and paste, or simply directing them to your social media platforms to keep up to date with everything you have going on.  It would be silly of me not to shoutout our social platforms right now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInGo ahead and follow us if you please!

An extra step up would be to have a speech bubble that people can interact with on your website.

For more next level website ideas, please tap right here.  (COMING SOON!)