Stop Doing This with Your Small Business Marketing

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Really? That?! But that's unheard of!

I want all Small Business owners and their marketers to stop doing this with their marketing, now!

This might be shocking coming from a Digital Marketing Professional.

Stop caring about the numbers!

I know, as a small business owner it is hard not to wonder how your efforts are performing. A lot of you are ‘numbers’ women and men. I am a numbers guy to a certain extent.  At the end of the month I supply all of my clients with a report FILLED with numbers!

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Numbers are important and they play a very big role in effective Digital Marketing, but ...

as you start off in your journey of organic digital marketing I strongly urge you to pay little or no attention to the numbers.

I get questions all the time like, when is the best time to post on Instagram? What day should I send this Newsletter to my email list to get the most opens and clicks?  Why did I only get 14 views on the last video I posted on YouTube?

The answer is, at this point, it really doesn’t matter. Shocker right?!  If you are a new business owner or just dipping your toes in the water with digital marketing, the numbers on your organic posts don’t really mean much.  Not yet.

You don’t know your audience yet, and they don’t know you.

You have a relationship to build with your audience.

And who’s to say that just because you posted something at a certain time on a certain day and you had the most views or likes that it’s the RIGHT people viewing it and liking it.

I personally have garnered some big business because of posts that had the least likes and views because the RIGHT person saw it and found it informative.

Now, numbers early on do matter when it comes to paid online advertising and they will start to matter when your audience starts to grow and you are getting more of a response with your organic posts.

Social media audience

So what is the answer?

Create a lot and post often.  Tap here to read a great article that will help you use your time wisely and come up with some great content to post often, large and small.

If you don’t create and post and you only do it sporadically the numbers will never matter. So please, go hard and get passionate, then we can talk numbers.

No one is going to a concert that only has one poster up, but they will notice a whole wall of posters.

It all starts with a look!

More great articles below to help you with your small business marketing.  If you have any other questions about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.