The Perfect Landing Page | With Examples

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Capture their attention with focused content and a clear call to action.

So, you have done everything right to get someone’s attention. You put some thought into the right content and images for your advertising campaign. You got specific and narrow with who you wanted to target with your ads.

Now you have them, the right person has clicked on your ad and you have peaked their interest.

But now how do you convert them into customers or clients?

It is all about the landing page.

This is how you create the perfect landing page:

a quick and secure landing page

If your landing page isn’t quick to open you could lose the target even before they get to the page.  What’s even worse is that you would have just paid for them to click on your ad and they never even got to see what you had to offer.  Don’t make that mistake!

You also want the visitor to feel comfortable when they get there.  They want to know you aren’t spam.  Something as little as having that little lock icon on the left side of your browser will make a world of difference.  

The last thing you want it to say is, “not secure” when trying to land a client or convert a new customer.

fast secure landing page

keep visitors on your landing page

The next point I would like to make here is that  you only want them to come to the landing page.  Keep the visitor here!  This isn’t a branding campaign you are doing, it is a mission that you want to convert on or at the very least get a lead from. 

You want to set up your landing page so that it is difficult for people to wander to other places on your website.  This involves having all of your information in one place, clear and concise.  

Pro Tip:  Remove your menu!

match your ad

It is important that your landing page matches your ad.  This way people get a familiar feeling going from your ad to the landing page.

If in your ad you have a video of a skateboarder doing a trick, make sure your landing page has the same type of image.  If you have business people smiling and laughing, do the same on your landing page.

You will be surprised how much this helps with your drop off numbers.

match ad to landing page

stay clean and to the point

Encompass your brand while cleanly getting to the point of what you are offering.  You do not want too much information, just what the visitor needs to know to make a decision.  All of this while keeping in mind the audience you have targeted.

focused landing page

clear call to action

The the call to action must be clear and visible.  Be sure one call to action is “above the fold” and have other opportunities for visitors to convert as they make their way down the page.  Make the call to action a colour that stands out.  Best practice is a colour that is bold and slightly off brand.

If your call to action is a contact form, keep it as brief as possible.  Make it easy for them to give their information.

clear call to action


People can make a quicker decision if they see other people have been happy with your products or services.  Decision makers like to know what kind of person/business they are about to work with.

One last Pro Tip:  Test!   Try different ads, different landing pages, different positioning of a call to action.

Learn from your tests and move towards the winners.

Please reach out if you have any questions about digital advertising or converting on landing pages.