TikTok for Small Businesses

tiktok for small business
Start now with TikTok. Be a part of the REAL culture.

TikTok – It’s no secret at this point that TikTok is the new up and coming social media app.  What people might not know is that TikTok is for more than just teenagers.  75% of their audience are over 18 years of age.

Does Small Business have a place on TikTok?

Yes! There is an audience for anyone on this app. You would be surprised and right now the space is still wide open with a huge opportunity to capture the right audience for you.

TikTok Small Business

TikTok is different than Instagram

TikTok is different than Instagram and other apps like it, in that it is less about aesthetics and more about the creative mind.  It has brought a whole new meaning to the word “creator”. There is a sense of freedom.

TikTok is about being real for real people.  The ultimate organic.  

The audience on TikTok love to watch genuine behaviour. Keep that in mind when you approach it.  There is a high level of natural creativity.

TikTok Business Dance

Don't make this mistake

Don’t make the mistake that TikTok is only teenagers singing, dancing and lip sinking.  It has moved far beyond that.

Start now, be a part of the culture.  Start putting your footprint in the land called TikTok.

Local Business on TikTok

Get your brand channel Started

Get your brand channel going.  Now!  While start planning your approach keep in mind that sound and music is a big part of TikTok.

Be a part of the REAL culture.  Be yourself.  It is not recommended that you transfer your content from another platform to TikTok, because TikTok has a whole new flavour.  People catch on quick and there can be a sense of disconnect if you do this.

Be a creator and create!  Do not try to be the same as anyone else.

In the world of TikTok a week is a long time.  What I mean by that is a trend can come and go quickly and because of this you will need to continually try and create new and fresh content.

Take some time, not too much time, to watch how some of the more popular creators are doing it.  Notice I said HOW and not WHAT.

Dancing on TikTok

Reach out to creators

There is a huge opportunity for small businesses to also reach out to creators that have your target audience’s eye and ear. 

You can find creators with smaller audiences as well, they don’t have to be the ones with millions of followers.  Capitalize on the urge people have for that REAL connection.

TikTok Creator

What will your small business approach be to TikTok?