Trouble with Instagram Engagement?

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This is how to fix your Instagram engagement problem - and it's not that hard!

Perhaps you are getting the sense that your instagram engagement it hitting a wall.  You might have had a lot of success in the past on Instagram, but now your growth and reach has gone flat.

I am here to tell you that there IS hope to light a fire under your Instagram activity and you CAN see growth in your Instagram Engagement once again – secret: it’s not that hard!

It takes effort, but it’s not hard.  This is what you need to do and keep in mind while moving forward with your Instagram plans.

Remember that Instagram is a social platform

When you are using Instagram please keep in mind that it is a Social Media Platform.  IT IS NOT ONE SIDED!  You must interact with others.  Reply to comments, make comments on other people’s posts, like people’s posts, etc.  

Create opportunities for others to interact with you.  Use and grow with the tools that Instagram gives you to use.  Instagram likes this!

Let’s touch more on this point a little further down.

Instagram is social

You have followers and you have fans

Followers are people that have hit the “follow” button but really haven’t been very engaged with your brand.  On the other hand a FAN is someone that is deeply engaged with you and your Instagram posts.  

These “fans” are the ones that you want to make sure you are interacting with.  These are the people that help your content get more reach.

You have an audience you want to reach

On Instagram, you also have an audience that you want to reach, but are having difficulty showing up for them. 

A big part of reaching people beyond your own audience is using Hashtags (#) – YES THIS STILL WORKS!  Use 20 hashtags per post. Don’t copy and paste them.  Use hashtags relevant to your brand and the post specifically.  This will also help you get on the Explore page.

Another thing you can do to get in front of new people is to start doing collaborations. These collaborations should have really meaningful content.  Something that sparks interests to the other person’s community.  This will have new people coming over to your profile and following you.

PRO TIP:  When you set aside the time to collaborate with someone else do “batch shooting”.  This will give you more than just one piece of content to put out as a team.

The Instagram algorithm likes new people and it likes to see how new followers interact with you.  Make meaningful content that your audience will enjoy.

Instagram Audience

In closing

The year is 2021 (at the time of writing this article), stop using the app as if it were still 2016.  The app has grown and you need to grow with it.  Use Reels, Stories and all of its functions and everything else Instagram has for you to play with.  Get involved with the community.

Stop caring about the numbers! (article) Treat Instagram naturally and use your common sense about it.  By doing all of these things you will be sure to see your Instagram Engagement flourish!

Questions or comments?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.