Small Business Leads | The Short Game

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Do your research and optimize your landing page.

Securing leads through digital marketing as a small business IS possible by playing the short game.  I need to preface this by saying it might not be as guaranteed or possibly as meaningful as playing the “long game”.  But if you are in need of some contacts ASAP, this is what you can do in 5 easy steps.

1. Be sure you know what you are offering

You might think you know what it is you offer, but can you put it simply to someone looking for your services?

When you are looking for leads it is even better to get narrow with what it is you offer.  For example, at Look Digital Marketing we offer a range of services but when we put a message out we are honing in on one of our services or even a portion of a service to get a potential client’s attention.

Thinking new strategy for his business

2. Know your value.

What is it that your potential lead is going to get from you?  What is it that will grab and keep their attention? 

When looking for leads you can’t be asking for their business.  You are the service provider.  Start proving it by giving up a services now.

Business Value

3. Build a landing page

This is where we get into the fun stuff!  Having the right landing page makes all of the difference.   A landing page is different from Building a Foundation for Your Website.

It needs to be optimized so that the visitors will make the decision to give you their contact information right away.  Everything the visitor needs to know should be laid out simply.

A form.  Your value to them.  A video.  Testimonials.  An offer.

Visitors should only be visiting this landing page and not the rest of your website.  So get rid of that menu bar at the top!

Small Business Landing Page

4. Advertise

Playing the short game when trying to get leads for your small business does not come free.  You need to have a budget.  You will need to advertise to bring people to your landing page.

You will need to have an impactful ad campaign directed and targeted at your specific audience.

This will ensure that you aren’t wasting your budget on driving the wrong people to the landing page you just spent so much time creating.

Advertising for Leads

5. Follow up

When chasing down your leads it is important to follow up as soon as possible.  You can do this with an automated email that gets sent as soon as someone fills out the form on your landing page.

This email should be light and it should thank the person for their time and interest.  Remember to let them know you will be back in touch with them within a specified (short) period of time.

Followup on small business leads